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Mark Rothkopf



Mark Rothkopf was born in an idyllic town, Ellenville, NY., not far from Woodstock, surrounded by mountains and small town charm of mom and pop stores and colorful characters. His father was an early influence, always present with his Hasselblad and Leica, photographing the surrounding beauty and colorful people with a passionate eye.


Mark’s art began around 10 years of age, greatly influenced by a book entitled 100 Masterpieces of Painting (edited by Rockwell Kent). He lived in that book, drawing and painting copies of the masters.


He graduated from the University of Maryland, studying studio art and art history.


A highly influential change took place when he attended a photographic workshop comprised of staff of seven true artists in the field of black & white photography. According to Mark, it imparted a passion for traditional black & white darkroom photography, which hasn’t left him since.


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Mark is very drawn to old architecture and the forms created by light and shadow. He also is moved by ice and snow in both landscape and close-up. A recent trip to California to see a friend down on his luck moved him to photograph people of various walks of life experiencing difficulties. No matter what he photographs, he attempts to find form and movement that transcends what the image itself is.


Mark occasionally does color photography and still oil paints. Whatever the medium, He looks for those rare images that come from heart and speak to him.

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