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This month at TAG/The Artists Gallery


"Trout Space" by Jan McIntyre-Creager

May 3 -26

Opening Reception: May 4, 5–8 pm

Conversations with the Artists: May 19, 12-2 pm

Gallery Hours: Fri–Sat 12-8 pm, Sun 12-4 pm

Featured artist Jan McIntyre-Creager presents: 



TAG/The Artists Gallery honors Jan McIntyre-Creager and S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino as May’s featured artists in Gallery I. The other TAG artists will show work in Gallery II. 


Jan McIntyre-Creager’s exhibit, River Meditations, explores the artist’s impressions from time spent on the water. The paintings and prints in this body of work are inspired by the ways of the rivers, along with its surrounding animal and plant life. She is disappointed by the trash left by humans for the fish and flora to work around in their daily lives. While sometimes subtle, images of this debris can be viewed in her richly colored, multilayered work.


“The viewer will find images that may seem playful, thought provoking, and hopefully enjoyable,” says McIntyre-Creager. “Meditation is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body. The practice of viewing artwork can enrich the soul in other ways.”

Visit Jan McIntyre-Creager's gallery page on the TAG website.


"Snakes and Ladders" by S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino

Featured artist S. Manya Stouman-Tolino presents: 



S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino’s paintings invite contemplation. Her exhibit, To Whom It May Concern, urges gallery visitors to reflect on the universal concerns woven within the fabric of daily life. The work delves into the forces shaping the human experience, exploring the unseen but deeply interconnected aspects of our shared condition. 


Existing somewhere between representational and non-representational abstraction, Stoumen-Tolino’s work employs gesture, layered marks, and a poignant use of color to portray continually unfolding events of life. The artist's focus on movement as the representation of change, the fundamental essence of life, permeates this work.


“Each artwork, in turn, fosters a sense of intimacy, forging a connection between the viewer and their own underlying emotions and preoccupations.,” says Stoumen-Tolino.

Visit S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino's gallery page on the TAG website.

Meet the Artists

You can meet the artists and enjoy refreshments from

5 to 8 on May 4 during the opening reception. They will also be available for Conversations with the Artists

on May 19  from 12 to 2pm.


River Meditations and To Whom it My Concern open on Friday, May 3. Gallery hours are noon to 8 on Fridays and Saturdays and noon to 4 on Sundays. As always, all are welcome and admission is free.

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