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Applying for Full Membership

TAG welcomes applications for new members. All applications will be reviewed and considered in a two step process which includes online review and an in person interview. Please review the benefits and responsibilities listed below and contact Member Coordinator Rhonda Smith at 

or  for additional information, an application and current fees for membership.

  • Gallery representation;

  • A solo show every 14-22 months;

  • Group shows one to two times per year, as the show schedule permits;

  • One piece of art in the Gallery’s Members’ area when solo shows are held by other members;

  • Display bin art (almost) every month;

  • Low Gallery commission rate (Gallery receives 20% of the sale);

  • Gallery website listing with 9-12 images, artist's bio or statement, and a link to your personal website;

  • Notebook portfolio in the Gallery;

  • Publicity provided monthly through press, email blasts, and Facebook;

  • Participation in other off-site exhibit opportunities as arranged by the Gallery;

  • Voting on Gallery decisions during Members’ meetings; and

  • Participating in a community of supportive artists.



  • Dues.  If a Member fails to pay dues during the month that dues are to be paid, that Member’s work may not be hung until the month after payment is received;

  • Gallery sitting. Members are required to Gallery sit at least three times a calendar quarter. The sitting schedule is prepared quarterly taking into account each Member’s preferences. Number of gallery sitting shifts may fluctuate depending upon the number of Full Members and may require an additional sit date during the quarter. Members may elect to sit more frequently during their solo shows, but they still must meet their quarterly sitting obligation;

  • Member’s Monthly meetings. Attendance at monthly members meetings held at 10am on the last Sunday of the month;

  • Committee service. Members must serve and participate actively on at least one committee take responsibility for a job(s) on that committee. Members also must perform reception duty at two Gallery openings a year (not including your solo show opening);

  • General participation. Members are expected to participate in Gallery activities, attend openings, and contribute to marketing efforts by, among other things, posting on social media, distributing cards for group shows; and

  • Computer skills. The Gallery uses the computer to communicate through various means, including email and other online tools. Members are expected to have computer skills to perform those duties;


Email: or Member Coordinator Rhonda Smith at

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