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Chris Madden

Figurative and Landscape Paintings


Art is a way of thinking. A way of seeing. A way of doing. Creativity covers a gamut of applications. I feel just as creative using hammers and saws or walking in nature as I do working at my easel. I’m happy to offer my artwork, however, at the TAG Gallery since I want to share some of my creative visions with those who would enjoy or feel challenged by a dialog with my work. I firmly believe that art can be beautifully created and yet delve into imagery or ideas that are not “aesthetic” or “pretty”. The art that grips and holds my attention is that which is something more visceral and visually and emotionally challenging. I believe that as an artist I have a special honor and obligation to throw mirrors up to our world, warts and all. Many things I find inspirational as an aesthetically sensitive person exist as pure and unto themselves. A moment of sunlight on a field. A subtle glance of a loved one. The tragedy of a loss. If I chose to just copy these moments I believe I would just cheapen them. What I strive for my art to do is to SAY something about the experience. This is my challenge.

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