Patricia Stockman



The field of photography is constantly expanding and changing, redefining itself and breaking off into new branches. Patricia continues to work both in a simulated traditional realm, and in the computer revolution age to create photographic works that evoke a sense of familiarity with our world, awe and wonderment from dreams and memories, and of complexity through order and repetition.

Patricia combines her traditional photography background with the technology of Photoshop to create images grounded in the fundamentals of art with a contemporary, surreal twist. She places a strong emphasis on the use of texture, color, repetition, and the interaction of various subjects in one scene. Characteristics, such as the division of space, juxtaposing contradictory subjects, and the repetition of symbolic objects are recurring themes in Patricia’s work that suggest the past, present and future within a narrative construct. 

Patricia has been a photographer for over 25 years, and currently resides in Frederick, MD. She holds a BFA in Two-Dimensional Design and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She calls upon her past experiences as a darkroom technician, portrait photographer, and documentary photographer, as well as, recently a teacher, to widen her view of subject matter and digital techniques in her art.

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