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Apply for Membership

How to Apply


1.  FILL IN THE ONLINE FORM to your right and submit it.  


2. EMAIL 8-10 IMAGES representative of your best work for preliminary review by the membership to

The images can be either 

•  A composite PDF or 

•  Individual jpegs

of your work that may be easily viewed by the members. You may include a link to your web site if you have one. 


VERY IMPORTANT! After you have submitted the online application,  please email 

Tina Lund @ 

and also Christine Stovall @ 

to alert them that you have submitted
your application and images.


GALLERY VISIT  If invited to jury, the prospective member will bring original works of art to a members’ meeting and will have the opportunity to discuss their work with the members present.


A majority yes vote is required of those in attendance for admission. The applicant will be notified of the membership’s decision by phone.


New members are accepted on a three-month trial basis, with the decision for permanent membership resting with the gallery and the applicant. The trial period is primarily intended to give new members a chance to see if the gallery and its responsibilities are compatible with their expectations. During this time, new members have the opportunity to show work in the members’ section of the gallery, participate in group shows, and plan for a featured show to be held subsequent to the trial period. 




If for some reason you can't fill out the online form, download the application, fill it out on the computer and then email it back to tagfrederick@gmail.comSubmit a hand written form only as a last resort! Thank you.

Membership Obligations


GALLERY SITTING Members are required to sit in the gallery approximately one day every month. The sitting schedule is prepared quarterly taking into account each member’s preferences. Each member is responsible for covering the gallery on their scheduled days by sitting or arranging a trade with another member if the date is not convenient.

DUES Membership dues are due the first of January, April, July and October and are currently $140 per quarter. If an artist begins in other months, dues are prorated.

PARTICIPATION Members are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate on 2 committees, attend openings and support gallery activities.




COMPUTER SKILLS We use the computer to communicate through email, videos and by using online tools to fill out forms and more. You must have basic computer skills or be very willing to learn them in order to keep our gallery running smoothly.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our membership officers:


Tina Lund  

301-662-9564 (h)


Chris Stovall  

301-662-9564 (h)

301-693-0736 (c)







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