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Marie Riccio



I have always been drawn to color, light, and color relationships and my daily practice has included observing these elements in my environment. I often paint landscapes and draw the figure, but it is in the studio painting still life where I feel I can experience color to its fullest. There I enjoy orchestrating objects on a tabletop, creating an emphasis on color and light.


My process starts with bringing objects together in an initial composition then adding, deleting, and rearranging during the painting process until the whole settles into what feels meant to be. Through this evolution of the composition, relationships form between the objects and between the objects and myself. Often these elements develop a personal meaning, though the viewer may find a meaning of their own. I work at painting honest paintings, works that truly interest me. Those paintings are the ones that have the best chance at connecting with the viewer. It’s all about the relationships of color, shape, light, placement and intuition that help make those connections happen.


Marie Riccio grew up outside New York City and received a B.F.A from SUNY Purchase. She also lived in Philadelphia where she earned an MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania before moving to Rockville, MD.


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