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Marie Riccio



Marie Riccio finds her inspiration in her surroundings, both interior and the outdoors. She loves to be immersed in nature, observing and capturing the unique and ever-changing relationships of both form and color. In the studio, she enjoys orchestrating objects to create an emphasis on color and light which draws her to the canvas. Having early roots in abstract painting, she is intrigued by the tension between realism and abstraction and by the unexpected combinations of light and color which characterize her work. Capturing physical forms and the space they inhabit is a never-ending challenge for her.


Riccio’s many years as a graphic designer compliment her work as an oil painter. She grew up outside of New York City and lived in Philadelphia before moving to Maryland, her present home. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Pennsylvania and is an award winning artist who has exhibited her work throughout the U.S.

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