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MAY 31–JUNE 30, 2019

Julie Maynard

“No Trouble Exists”


First Saturday, June 1, 5–9 pm


The artist will discuss their work on Saturday, June 15 at 2:00 pm

In “No Trouble Exists,” Julie Maynard presents digital collages and a handful of maquettes that reflect on the enduring interest we have in what other people do. Each collage is inspired by a hundred-year-old headline.

“These pieces are, in part, memento mori,” says Maynard.  “The snow through which the chicken thieves were tracked has long since melted.  The watch that turned up in a furrow has been lost over and over again. The things that inspired these pictures happened so long ago that no one remembers them.  And yet here they are, seeming to comment on some of our own preoccupations.”

Artist's Bio...

julie maynard,  _Saw a Hand In the Sky_.

Julie Maynard, “Saw a Hand in the Sky,” digital collage with found objects.

julie maynard, _Five Children Captured i

Julie Maynard, “Five Children Captured in the Woods,” five mask-like pieces of wood, bone, foam, and stone

julie maynard,  _Frightened by a Strange

Julie Maynard, “Frightened By a Strange Man,” digital collage



216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12–9 pm

Sundays, 12–5 pm 

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