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This month at TAG/The Artists Gallery

FEATURED ARTISTS: Rhonda J. Smith and Colleen Clapp 
RS Roulette Farm on white Web-2269.jpg

"Roulette Farm" by Rhonda J. Smith 


Exhibition dates: May 31-June 30

Opening Reception: June1, 5-8 pm

Gallery Hours: Fri–Sat 12-8 pm,
Sun 12-4pm

Featured artist: Rhonda J. Smith


Rhonda J. Smith, retired professor of printmaking at Shepherd University has created a series of large-scale linoleum prints based on her daily walks at Antietam National Battlefield. In this relief process the artist cuts into a piece of linoleum to create images of the landscape. The remaining raised areas of the linoleum are inked with a water-based ink and transferred to a sheet of paper. The process is a one-to-one transfer. The final print is the same size as the linoleum from which the image was cut. 


Inspired by the stories told through interpretive exhibits and the landscape of Antietam National Battlefield Smith hopes the richness of textures and imagery within her work will inspire you to walk the Battlefield and discover for yourself the many stories it has to tell, perhaps preserving your own memories in the process.


“I sometimes believe the purpose of art is to engage the viewer in what is in plain sight, but not always seen.”


"Passages" by Colleen Clapp

Featured artist: Colleen Clapp



In the planning stage of this exhibit, Colleen had chosen the title, “The Seduction of Silence”. Her initial goal was to explore a minimalist approach to painting. She wanted to try her hand at using a limited palette of neutral hues and whites only which she finds compelling but found that her paintings, lacking contrast, seemed dull and uninteresting. 

Adding areas of color and contrast produced a body of work which then became a balance between splashes of color and empty space, effectively representing a balance between two opposing forces. Energy and turbulence counterbalanced by quiet and calm resulting in her title “Nearing Equilibrium”. 


Colleen’s exhibit consists of 9 new pieces, the culmination of which took a year to complete. She continues to explore the possibilities and excitement of using cold wax medium mixed with oils and says she has not given up on the idea of a future show entitled  “The Seduction of Silence”.

Both exhibits: “Nearing Equilibrium” and “Antietam Encounter” run from Friday, May 31st to June 30th. Opening reception: Saturday, June 1st.


July: Chris Eliff

August: Le Salon: TAG's annual unjuried show. ENTER HERE

September: Karen Peacock and Julie Maynard



Le Salon

Annual Unjuried Show

August 2 – Sept. 1, 2024

Reception Saturday, Aug., 3, 5-8 pm

Hours Fri–Sat 12-8 pm, Sun 12-4 pm

Le Salon at TAG is open to all artists submitting original artworks including (but not limited to) drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. No reproductions! 


Only the first 125 artworks will be accepted. All work must be preregistered on TAG’s website by July 20, 2024.


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