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April 1-30

Kate Miller

Portraits and Still Lifes


First Saturday, April 1

5:00–9:00 pm 



of Frederick

216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12 - 9 pm

Sundays, 12 - 5 pm 

or by appointment

(301) 696-8187 

"Michael at 25", oil on canvas

I work from live sitters, attempting to capture some of who they are. I've been doing this for many years, and in the past most of my portraits were of family members and friends. In 2016 I started attending two open studios where I paint weekly from models, and most of the paintings in this show are from those models. These portraits are at a scale slightly larger than life-size, measuring three feet high.

I basically started painting the smaller still lifes to accommodate the needs of the gallery, but I have found them to be an excellent exercise in observation and composition.


I'm dealing with several tensions right now in my work -- between wanting to preserve my expressive, fresh underdrawing, done with a large brush, and wanting to continue on to a more finished painting; between degrees of impressionism and realism; between defining with line and defining with modeling; between flat surface design and depth; between making the model part of a composition and letting the model stand alone. The paintings in this show demonstrate some of the different resolutions I've arrived at over the past year. 

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