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Phyllis Jacobs

Painting, Drawing, Digital Art


Each human life begins with some basic assumptions of which gender, parentage, geographic location are but a few. Each step we take, each choice made, conditions our life experience and molds us into the adult creatures we become. No mark is made without leaving its trace. Each work of art likewise comes with its own basic conditions and grows according to the life force that informs it. It is, in that, a mirror image of its creator.


My basic concerns:  a desire to evoke the senses, especially that of touch, and to search beyond the surface of appearance; a need to build a body of work that translates what my eyes and mind perceive into nonverbal language so my vision and thought might become visible to others; and always a deep regard for the intelligence and sensibilities of those who see my work. I want to engage the imagination of all who see it.

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