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Patricia (Stockman) Dobbin


The field of photography is constantly expanding and changing, redefining itself and shooting off in new directions. There is ebb and flow between the traditional, analog photographic processes and the computerized, digital realm. I am influenced by this ebb and flow. My work ranges from “straight” photography, altered only be techniques that originated in the darkroom, to complex photo composites making full use of digital software.

I attempt to discover the beauty within our every day surroundings; universal occurrences defined by nature, or man, which might not ever be fully recognized, unless observed and documented with an artful eye. I search for components such as repetition, contrast, texture, a graphic quality to the subject, juxtaposition of incongruous objects, and employ a strong use of space.

I explore various surfaces on which to print, such as aluminum, acrylic and watercolor paper; as I feel the subject and composition dictate the presentation.

A photographer, designer and teacher for over 25 years, I am informed by changes in technology, trends in graphic design, my students’ learning, and my personal observations. I attempt to create photographic works that evoke a sense of familiarity, of awe and wonderment from dreams or memories, and of complexity through order and repetition.

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