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OCTOBER 4–27, 2019

Patricia Stockman 



Opening Reception

Saturday, October 5, 5–9 pm

Closing Reception

Sunday, October 27, 3–5 pm


“A bird on a wire is a beautiful creature that you can see clearly for a little bit but is out of reach and then is suddenly gone.”  -- Anonymous


What compels an artist to create an image? As a photographer, I am an observer of daily life with an eye for aesthetics in the ordinary. And what more ordinary than, birds on a wire – ubiquitous, predictable, and universal.  They are congregations, offerings of respite, and perhaps a place to “meet up”. For me, the birds are notations, repetitions, and patterns on lines that draw me in every time I see them.


I have spent the last couple of years noting the places and times in which birds congregate. The variation in numbers, time of day, change in season, and other factors that can alter the final image are the challenges that dictated my photo excursions.  

Noted 09_22 at 07 20 (1).jpg

Patricia Stockman, "Noted 09/22 at 07:20"

Classical Notations_1.jpg

Patricia Stockman,
"Classical Notations"


Patricia Stockman, "Solitude"

Finally, the challenge of how to present each final image has helped me define this show. Not wanting to confine the birds behind glass, I have explored such media as metal, acrylic, and fine art watercolor paper. This collection incorporates straightforward photography, photo collage, and photo filters in response to the initial observation of birds on a wire. Enjoy.

Artists Bio



216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12–9 pm

Sundays, 12–5 pm 

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