MAY 31–JUNE 30, 2019

Kim Klabe

“Pours: Barflies”



First Saturday, June 1, 5–9 pm


The artist will discuss their work on Saturday, June 15 at 2:00 pm

This show is called "Barflies", which is a collection of wine and beer pours reflecting the type of characters typically seen at bars - both the beautiful and the ugly. Each face you see arising from the wine and beer presented itself through the dried stain of the pours. No face was pre-planned; each is unique depending on the spread of the wine or the beer. The "Microbrewer" was born from Milk Stout. The beautiful "Antithesis" arose from a nice Cabernet. Their names reflect who they are, and some, like "Gin Blossoms", show that maybe they like the hooch a little too much.


I didn't know any of these folks prior to pouring their drink of choice on the paper. Now they're my buds, and we are psyched to be spending happy hour with you.

Artist's Bio...

Kim Klabe, "Tell Me About Yourself", Petite Verdot, marker, pencil

Kim Klabe, "Gin Blossoms", Malbec, marker, pencil

Kim Klabe, "The MicroBrewer", Milk Stout, marker, pencil



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