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July 6–29

Michael Kraniski




First Saturday, July 7, 5–8 pm




216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12–9 pm

Sundays, 12–5 pm 

or by appointment

(301) 696-8187 

"Morning at the Lake"

My paintings are traditional or representational depending on what I am trying to accomplish, but in all paintings keeping the atmosphere, and mood are most important.  My paint application will very depending on what I am trying to achieve.  The inspiration for my paintings developed from watching the constantly changing skies, and my love for the Pennsylvania landscapes.  I paint on location, and in my studio using quick color studies and photos of the location for reference.  I look for situations that are unique to a particular place and weather conditions at the time, and try to capture the mood of the moment. 

Artist's Bio

"Storm Over Twin Valley"

"Morning at La Sabranenque"
by Tom Semmes

"Early Evening"

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