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JAN. 31–MAR. 1, 2020


TAG Associate Members


Opening Reception

Saturday, February 1, 5–9 pm

Artists’ Talk

Sunday, February 16, 3 pm


During the month of February, TAG/The Artists Gallery presents a gathering of a diverse group of local artists exhibiting 2D and 3D works in various mediums.  The six artists; Gillian Collins, Luc Fiedler, Sandra Fritter, Christina Lund, Bonny Lundy, and Karen Winston-Levin, offer the viewer a diversity of images and sculptures inspired from nature, the figure, architecture, and mechanical components. 

Mountain View, Pennterra opt.jpg

Christina Lund, “Mountain View, Pennterra,”Oil on canvas 

Wheel opt.jpg

Luc Fielder, “Wheel”, Sculpture 

By divorcing the form from the function of mechanical components, Gillian Collins conveys the importance of these vital but unnoticed engineering feats in her paintings, compelling the viewer to contemplate the foundation of our technological advancement.  Using traditional oil paint medium and mixed media, Gillian blends historic classic realism with contemporary abstraction to convey the importance of these vital, but unnoticed man-made components

Luc Fiedler explores the relationships between the physical and metaphysical worlds.  Many of the elements within the compositions are either found in nature or have man-made connotations.  These suggestive forms are derived from his studies and interest in all sciences, ranging from the microcosm to the macrocosm.  Fiedler’s sculptures are realized through various processes such as: forging, foundry, and fabrication methods.

Emphasizing the local color Sandra Fritter draws inspiration from the natural environment to create representational paintings.  Pushing color beyond what others might see, she captures a variety of hues evoking a freshness in her landscapes and figurative works.

As a plein aire and studio painter Christina Lund enjoys expressing the fluidity of the oil paint while appreciating the underlying structure of the composition, lights and darks, lines and shapes, warms and cools.  Lund’s landscapes accentuate the movement of color found in our local Frederick’s natural environment.

What are you Looking At_.jpg

Gillian Collins, “What are you Looking At?,” oil on printed canvas

Bonny Lundy is a contemporary impressionist interested in creating an emotional experience through color. She creates unique watercolor and oil landscapes, still life, and florals. Her deep connection with nature is conveyed through her flowing brushstrokes, and brilliant color energy. Lundy loves painting the woodlands and gardens surrounding her studio in Brookeville, MD.


Emotional interaction of the viewer is imperative for artist Karen Winston-Levin’s artworks .  As a psychiatric nurse, Winston-Levin explored the use of art therapy as an adjunctive treatment method.  Since retiring she has continued painting stating; “Art is my oxygen and my preferred form of therapy.”  Her focus is capturing a moment’s light, atmosphere and emotional content in her oil paintings of landscapes and figures.

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