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David Heatwole



David F. Heatwole is an 11th generation artisan working in a variety of mediums, techniques and even styles that he has developed in order to create works of art that invoke a sense of mystery while conjuring a tale from ones own imagination.


Heatwole’s medium of choice is oil paint for the rich colors and depth that can be achieved with them.  However he feel right at home working in acrylics, inks and a variety of other drawing mediums and sometimes even sculptural materials.


David loves all past art movements but feels his work is best associated with symbolism, surrealism and even pop art which he weaves together into works of art that falls into the realms of both Energism and it’s sister movement “Synergism.” David coined this term to describe art that attempts to illustrate both energy and the connections, or relationships of all things.


David works from his home studio in

Martinsburg, WV.


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