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of Frederick

216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12 - 9 pm

Sundays, 12 - 5 pm 

or by appointment

(301) 696-8187 

My show consists of four, large-scale triptychs originally designed for an eight-week exhibit in the main lobby of the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. I was honored to be asked to show my work at NIH, renowned as the primary biomedical and research facility in the world and devoted to state-of-the-art research and healing. 

Someone once described my paintings as "meditative", and for the NIH show I wanted to offer passers-by a moment of respite, hopefully a moment of quiet reflection, away from the weight of the problems that had brought them there.

The four triptychs were designed to draw the viewer from one panel to the next on a journey of sorts. Similar in composition, each panel relates to the next with an almost seamless experience, but each triptych reflects its own personality.

In my work, I try to combine dynamic brush strokes and texture while pairing strong with muted colors. My paintings start with a fast-and-loose brushstroke sketch and then evolve with layers of color and texture. They're calculatingly dabbed, scraped, slashed and scored, and, in the end, I find that they come together as one harmonious feast for the eyes...but, of course, I suspect even Julia Child burned a roast now and then.

Downstream Wetlands, 3 panels, oil on panel

May 5 - 29

Colleen Clapp

Four Times Three



First Saturday, May 6

6 - 8 pm

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