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Associate Membership

Associate Members have an annual group show in February. This membership level requires no gallery sitting.

  • Gallery representation;

  • Exhibit a framed piece of artwork five times per year in the Members’ area of the Gallery;

  • Display bin art (almost) every month;

  • Low Gallery commission rate (Gallery receives 20% of the sale);

  • Gallery website listing with one image and a link to your personal website;

  • Notebook portfolio in the Gallery;

  • Publicity provided monthly through press, email blasts, and Facebook;

  • Participation in the Annual Associate Members Show after a year of membership; and

  • Associate Members do not attend meetings, gallery sit, or perform committee work. Associates are non-voting members (except for some details of the Associate  Members’ Show).

  • Commitment. Each new Associate Member must commit to remain at least one year as an Associate Member;

  • Dues. Membership dues are $500 per year, payable annually or semi-annually. If an Associate Member fails to pay dues when they are owed, that Member’s work may not be hung until the month after payment is received;

  • Processing fee. When an Associate Member candidate is juried in, that new Member must pay a one-time $100 processing fee at the time the new Member pays his or her dues. This fee is non-refundable;

  • Cooperation. Work with the Associate Coordinator to maintain inventory of bin and wall (and 3-D, if applicable) pieces; and

  • Associate Members’ Show. Associate Members are responsible for, among other things, hanging work, labels, artist’s reception, publicity materials, de-installation. Full Members are available to assist in this process.














Associates will be evaluated by Gallery Members in a two-step process.



  • Fill out the Associate Member online application;

  • Type or copy and paste a resume into the form. You also may include an artist’s statement;

  • Email nine images of artwork illustrating your artistic expertise in jpg format to Each jpg should be 1 MB or less. Type or copy and paste a description of the nine jpgs, listing title, size, and medium information. Alternatively, you may include a link to your personal website, if the website includes all the necessary information noted above; and

  • Click on the “Send” button.








  • Following an initial review, the Gallery may invite you to drop-off original work at the Gallery for viewing by the Full Membership. You will be contacted by the Associate Membership Chairperson soon after the Gallery has received your application and after the Full Membership has determined whether to accept you as an Associate Member.



If you have any questions about the Gallery, Full Membership, Associate Membership, the application process, or are ready to apply, email or call the gallery at 301-696-8187 during business hours

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