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Become a Member of TAG!


Full Member candidates will be evaluated by Gallery Members in a two-step process.



  • Fill out the Full Member online application below;

  • Type or copy and paste a resume into the form. You also may include an artist’s statement;

  • Email 8-10 images of artwork illustrating your artistic expertise in jpg format to Each jpg should be 1 MB or less;  

  • Type or copy and paste a description of the 8-10 jpgs, listing for each image its title, size, and medium information. You also may include a link to your website if you have one;

  • and Click on the “Send” button.


  • If invited to jury, you will need to bring original works of art to a Members’ meeting and will have the opportunity to discuss your work with the Membership. To qualify for Full Membership, a majority “yes” vote is required. In general, you will be notified of this decision by telephone.

  • New members are accepted on a three-month trial basis, with the decision for permanent membership resting with the Gallery and the new Member. During this time, Gallery members and the new Members will evaluate whether Gallery membership works for all concerned parties.



Email: or call the gallery at 301-696-8187 during business hours


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