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I create paintings and three dimensional assemblage objects out of whatever I can find. My work is made from contemporary artifacts of our time and makes a statement about who we are.


I hold a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and spent most of my career running a graphic design business in the Washington, DC area. My design background has made me a perpetual student of form, color and composition. Creating solutions I haven’t seen before has always been important to me.


Today I devote myself to a full-time pursuit of my own unique style of art. I find the process of transforming undesirable items into desirable ones to be very exciting. All of my work is made from or painted on discarded artifacts of a wasteful culture that continues to provide an abundance of material.


At the very least this creative process is an excuse to preserve some ordinary things of modern society and to recycle some junk that would otherwise end up in a landfill or get incinerated into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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