Sarah Higgins



Control or chaos, real or not, the ridiculous or the subline; my work goes in many directions but always comes back to a love of color and design.  I find inspiration from the unexpected -pavement, paint peeling from wall, a patch of ground, as well as souvenirs from childhood - both mine and my children’s.  When I paint I get lost in the process, but my thoughts wonder.  What has gone by, what will transpire, what color will sing, what rhythm to follow—my poetry.


I graduated from the Portland School of Art (Maine College of Art) and majored in commercial art and painting.  Several years later, after completing the course work for a master’s in ceramics I pursued ceramic arts and exhibited my pottery in craft galleries on the east coast. As time passed even my ceramics became more colorful with more patterns, actually paintings on clay. It is not surprising that I have come full circle.



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