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Sarah Higgins

Abstract Painting

Much of my work starts out rather spontaneously with a series of lines; spaces are filled, lines removed, shapes changed, colors blended. A lot of thought goes into this, for me art is about problem solving. What shapes get emphasized? What is the center of interest-counterpoint? How does the eye move about the painting?  I am not inclined to stand in one spot physically or emotionally; as I work, the design, idea and feelings change.


I graduated from the Portland School of Art (Maine College of Art) and majored in commercial art and painting.  Several years later, after completing the coursework for a master’s in ceramics, I pursued ceramics and exhibited my pottery in galleries on the east coast. Eventually my ceramics became paintings on clay.

After retiring from arts administration, I returned to painting. It is not surprising that I have come full circle in my creative endeavors.

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