Richard John Jenkins

Stabiles, Mobiles and Abstract Paintings

Richard John Jenkins was born in Hollywood, California. Growing up a block away from the famous Paramount Pictures movie studio had a profound impact on his life. Films became a huge passion for him and he especially loved the local Hollywood movie theaters with their animated neon movie marquees. This prompted him to help famed neon artist Lili Lakich to save many of the classic Hollywood neon signs in a museum and together they co-founded MONA (Museum Of Neon Art) in 1984.

Richard’s other passion has always been producing art: big, bold abstract oil paintings, ethereal pastel portraits of people, table top kinetic stabiles, and hanging art mobiles. He has been influenced greatly by the Russian and German abstract, expressionist, constructivist painters and by Alexander Calder for his kinetic stabiles and mobiles.


Richard currently creates art out of his home in Maryland.

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Three Gage Scale Stables