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Studio Walkthrough: A video by Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith


Rhonda J. Smith is a practicing artist and retired professor of Art. She uses a non-traditional approach of mounting her prints on archival boards. Smith served as Chair of the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater at Shepherd University for over 25 years and acted as Coordinator of the BFA Painting Program for 5 years before becoming Coordinator of the BFA Printmaking Program for 24 years. She recently retired from Shepherd University after 30 years. Smith received her BFA from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky and her MFA from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.


The themes of her prints, collages and multimedia work involve excursions that occur both within the process of creating and in the physical encounters with places and cultures.

Travels in West Africa led Smith to consider her work as a form of talisman or amulet, which contain the power of knowledge attainable only through personal commitment. Art is a similar investment that requires both the maker and the viewer to seek a understanding in order to fully appreciate the power within the object. Each print, each collage Smith creates is a talisman, a prayer and a wish to share with the viewer.

Talking Through the Process

Video by Rhonda Smith

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