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Featuring shows by Julie Maynard and Christine Stovall plus work by all TAG artists in Gallery II.


Open October 1 - 31

Opening Reception: 5-8 pm, Sat., Oct. 2

Artists Talk: 3pm, Saturday, Oct. 16


Fri. & Sat., 12–8, Sunday 12–4

501 N. Market Street

Frederick, MD 21701

Equine Dream 1.jpg
maynard, DETAIL What Doesn't Kill You (Firecrackers).jpg

November/December: Holiday Show


“Natural Selection”

Christine Stovall takes her wildlife painting inspirations from previous trips to South Africa, England, and Utah. As well as, nature in her own backyard and  walks on the beach in Corolla NC.  Shells, driftwood, rocks, feathers and fired new clay pieces have been assembled.  A series of people, horses and creatures of the sea have emerged.


“What Doesn’t Kill You”

Julie Maynard’s mixed media collages show people holding or reaching for beautiful things, awesome things, sparkly things—happily overlooking the dangers they hold.  Each person seems sure of what they’re doing, even a bit gleeful as they show you what they’ve found.  Maynard says, “If these men and women are, as my grandmother would say, ‘going to hell in a hand-basket,’ then maybe I want to go with them!”

Artwork by TAG Artists

This is a sample of artwork now on view at our brick & mortar gallery. There is a lot more on view. Do stop by!

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