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November 4–27, 2016

Marie Riccio

Revealed Truths


First Saturday, November 5

5:00–9:00 pm 


Sunday, November 20, 3:00 pm



of Frederick

216 North Market Street

Frederick, MD  21701 



Fridays & Saturdays, 12 - 9 pm

Sundays, 12 - 5 pm 

or by appointment

(301) 696-8187 

“Revealed Truths,” an exhibit of contemporary still life oil paintings, seeks to reveal our world through paintings of life’s everyday objects. As with life, painting the still life for Riccio is a process. Through intense observation and trial and error, she begins to understand her subject; as a color, a texture, or a tilted ellipse is placed on the canvas. Patient and careful adjustments lead her to a place where a truth begins to be revealed. The painting breathes as elements connect and form relationships. Through that process, the painting begins to come to life.

Color and composition also play an essential role in Riccio’s work, as do hard edges and strongly defined objects. The common objects that catch her eye do so through shape and color and the possibilities for their interactions. These elements provide the stability she craves and the underlying structure necessary for the work to branch out and explore the more unsettling, unpredictable side of life. These ordinary objects, having been studied and composed, reveal their truth and beauty while hopefully, elevating them to the meaning they deserve.

“I have discovered that I need to find something to hold onto in my work,” Riccio says. “Objects fill that need for me. The core structure of the composition and subject matter keep me grounded as I try to bring to the canvas an understanding of what I am looking at.” 

“I also find excitement in the practice of understanding edges, subtle value changes and bursts of color. Through this process I work to reveal a personal understanding of what I observe as I try to breathe life into the stillness of the object,” Riccio says.

Ms. Riccio grew up in New York and lived in Philadelphia where she earned an MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania before moving to Rockville, MD.


These exhibitions and a show of work by the other members of the gallery will run from November 4–27, 2016. The Opening Reception is on Frederick's First Saturday, November 5, 5:00– 8:00 pm

Marie Riccio, "The Finish Line”, oil on canvas, 24” x 24”

Marie Riccio, "Come Along”, oil on canvas, 18” x 18”

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