Marion L. Griffin



Inspiration comes from a variety of places; nature, family, photos, my inner journey and a passion for spontaneity. Vibrant color, abstract shapes and a desire to explore who I am as an artist inspires me to move the brush with exuberance and flair. The longing for artistic authenticity is what nudges me to cultivate my craft and discover my unique place in the art world.


When I was a teenage, my mother invited friends and a wonderful french painter, Gustave Trois, into our home for weekly art lessons. Gustav, with his french beret, blue painter’s shirt and a great sense of humor told tantalizing stories while demonstrating his energetic way of painting.His love for life and painting made me want to paint. Years later, in conversation with my 7 siblings, revealed how they too were mesmerized with Gustave’s flair for painting. His exuberance and my mother’s love for art enticed all of us to become artists.


In 1997, after retiring from a thirty year career teaching performing arts at the high school and college level I have continued my journey as an artist being inspired by many exceptional artists...Irina Smulevitch, Peter Whitting, Cynthia Bausch, Dave Moreland, Janet Schmeider, Mark Brockman, Ed Ramsburg and Skip Lawrence.



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