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Linda Slattery Sherman

Painting, drawing, collage, 


I attended college at Carnegie Mellon University where I earned a BFA in graphic design.  My interest in abstraction flows naturally from being a designer. 


My paintings are all about the process. Sometimes it's about the motion of making marks that result from large gestures. Other times it's about the surface of the canvas. I scrape, squirt and rub until I get what I want. Although I generally have something in mind when I start a canvas, often times in reacting to each mark made, I wind up in a very different place from where I started. Having been a graphic designer for so many years, composition and structure are very important to me as well as surface texture and color.


Sometimes subject matter emerges, and I go with that if it interests me. Sometimes the marks, color and form are their own subject matter. The images shown here are from two series, "Peru" and "The Galapagos Islands" that are my impressions of my trip to South America.

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