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September 2023

FEATURED ARTIST: Patrica Stockman 
"Jail, Cottonwood SD" by Patricia Stockman

"Jail, Cottonwood SD" by Patricia Stockman

Join us in September for, Patricia Stockman's

at TAG's gallery on Market Street

Many are drawn to abandoned places. The texture of the peeling paint, the color of the rust, the elegant juxtaposition of spaces both empty and whole. Is the house defined by the people who lived in it, or could it be defined by the structure that remains? How many years did it take to become in such disrepair; consumed by the elements?


September 1 - October 1, 2023

Reception: Sat, Sept. 2, 5–8pm

Artist's Talk: Sun, Sept 3, 1:00pm

Hours: Fri–Sat 12-8pm, Sun 12-4pm


TAG/The Artists Gallery

501 N. Market Street

Frederick, MD 21701

From a piece, "Abandoned Conservations" by Patricia Stockman

From a piece, "Abandoned Conservations" by Patricia Stockman

Patricia Stockman's  exhibition, "No Forwarding Address," offers the viewer a range of photographed subjects, from individual houses to an entire town. The images reveal the passage of time as houses succumb, room by room, to decay. Individual “portraits” of buildings depict a town, dwindled in population. Finally, there are photographic collages that combine the materials that make a house a home: photos, wallpaper, wood, nails, addresses. Always as curious about the process, as much as the subject, the Patrica Stockman delivers each abandoned place in a manner befitting its existence.

Check out Patricia Stockman's gallery on the TAG website.

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