Cynthia Scott


I am fascinated with perception and how people seek meaning and clarity in contemporary life. The search for answers is further complicated by a constant media vortex. An omnipresence of digital interactions creates perceptual bubbles and makes it difficult to disconnect from manufactured messages. The ability to unplug in an age of hyper-distraction, and look inward, may be more important than ever.

My own search for meaning has included Tarot interpretation for myself and for others. Tarot cards are a language of visual symbols to convey meaning that is open to interpretation. With a goal toward completing my own deck of Tarot cards, I lean toward visual narrative as befits my background in television production. My watercolor paintings continue to evolve from figurative iconography to more conceptual artistic expressions. For example, my recent installation The Oracle, creates a space in time and place to consider a question. The questions are exchanged in my practice of reading Tarot cards. Questions, written by many hands and in several languages, are then collaged onto large triangular canvas panels, along with graphite neuron and dendrite networks, attached to a 16 ft. geodesic dome armature.


People’s visions are real to them because at the neurological level perception is a combination of belief, imagination, expectation, memory, and just a bit of visual sensory input. The new Bubble paintings continue my obsession with perception.



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