Tom Ritchie

Plein Air Landscape Painting

Ten years ago Tom left his studio, locked the door, and vowed to paint only en plein air. Since that time he has painted outdoors nearly every time he picks up a brush. His locations are as varied as landscapes on the coast of Maine or cityscapes on the streets of Baltimore. His work is in numerous private collections in Washington, DC, New York City and points in between. Each painting is done entirely on site in single sessions of three hours or less, with few changes made to the original work. He tries to make each painting stand as a pure, distinct statement. He believes this technique contributes to a spontaneous, emotional response to the subject. Tom's approach to composition is to simplify the subject matter to the essential and focus on relationships, values and color that give strength and unity to his painting.

Tom has studied with contemporary plein air painters including David Lussier, Valerie Craig and Stan Moeller. He studied photography and painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He continues to pursue his studies through various plein air workshops and painting experiments. He lives in Baltimore with his wife Joyce, and their Golden Retriever, Maggie.

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