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JULY 2023

The artists of TAG have taken the simple choosing method, Rock/Paper/Scissors, to new heights. They have created a wide variety of works inspired by or made up of the game’s three choices. .

JUNE 30 - July 30 / 2023

RECEPTION: Sat. July 1, 5–8pm 

ARTIST’S TALK: ???????


Fri. & Sat., 12–8, Sunday 12–4

501 N. Market Street

Frederick, MD 21701


June: Sarah Higgins

July: "Still Peerless” Get the Sweet Scoop on TAG’s History (& Ice Cream Social!)

August: CALL FOR ART Le Salon: TAG's annual unjuried show. ENTER NOW


“Rock, Papper, Scissors”

In this exhibition, I explore my own figure as a subject of artistic work, allowing (and therefore controlling) the gaze of others through film. Using steps of ballet, Latin Dance, and my own expressive motions, I invite the viewers to learn what these steps look like on canvas, and to think of the trace of their own motion throughout life.

This photographic exhibition is about Frederick during a lull in the pandemic. On a recent weekday evening after some rain, I walked N. Market St., hoping to capture Frederick’s heart and soul during these trying times. The results were most heartening, showing that Frederick and its people indeed are beautiful and irrepressible!

Artwork by TAG Artists

TAG Artists will be on display in Gallery II. Click on arrow to see additional images.

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