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Colleen Clapp



My art career has taken me in many different directions.  As a commercial artist I developed a very diverse range, however, in recent years, my drafting board has been replaced by an easel and the commercial artist in me has morphed into an abstract painter and yes, “I’m livin’ the dream”. 


Painting is simultaneously complex and simple; the actual process of which becomes a series of hundreds of  interrelated decisions about color, line,  texture and shape. Inevitably, the painting (not the artist) takes control and, I would not be surprised to discover that most artists feel they are simply an instrument for some greater creative force.  An intuitive, abstract approach to painting, is loaded with surprises and a “happy accident” can be a wonderful gift. One of the alluring qualities of an abstract painting is that it empowers the viewer to connect personally with the art and often, their interpretation is far more interesting than my original intent.


I paint with oils because I like the subtle variations in color and the feeling of depth that can be achieved. I paint on hardwood panels because I find the rigid surface to be a good base for collage and textural effects.


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