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Christine Stovall

Painting, Ceramics

Christine Stovall draws her inspiration from her travels through England, Scotland, S. Africa, the countryside of Coastal Maine and the rugged West. Traveling intensifies Stovall’s act of seeing by exposing her to new and forever changing landscapes. Stovall is most interested in the complexity of color and unpredictable line in nature, taking her own imaginative liberty.

Christine Stovall is an alumna of the University of Maryland, Goddard College and has studied at the Corcoran School of Art and Design in  Washington, D.C. Stovall began her career as an Art Therapist and is now a high school art teacher at Walkersville High School, Maryland. Her work is in collections across the U.S. She’s been a member of The Artists Gallery, Frederick, Maryland for 11 years


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