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Chris Eliff


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Have you ever wanted to freeze a moment in time? How often have your words failed you?

Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the window to your soul.” This must also be true when it comes to photographs. In a sense, my photography is an open invitation into my life. It’s not merely a window, but a reflection of my state of mind.  An amalgamation of emotions; an organic mixture of joy and happiness, intertwined with solitude and sometimes sadness. Photography gives me a sense of freedom that’s hard to describe. It’s become meditative or therapeutic for me. My goal is to share the way I view the world.

I try my best to make the most of every day, photography helps make that possible.The moments in our lives pass by so quickly. Those ‘feelings’ and ‘fleeting moments’ are what I hope to capture through my work.
Look up the definition of photography. You will find three variables that matter the most: light, subject, and composition. Surely, it’s not that simple! Photography is a perfect medium to communicate all that you see and feel, enabling you to capture that moment in time.

Photography has become a passionate sharing of ideas. Among the images of the blazing sun, brilliant colors, and intense shadows, I hope you can find the hidden messages of gratitude and joy as you look at my work. Perhaps even a vague feeling of déjà vu.

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